Homeschool Providers

Currently, there are two kinds of setup of Homeschooling in the Philippines:

  1. With DepEd – accredited provider
  2. Independent

When you are with homeschool service provider, your child is accredited in the DepEd system of education. Child’s record are being organized and kept by the provider, has LRN (Learner Reference Number), promoted every school year provided that you have completed the requirements (exams, performance task, portfolios, etc)

Independent or Indie homeschooling has no tie-up with DepEd at all, families are not accredited and children are considered “out of school youth”. Parents will decide on their own, their curriculum, materials to be used, etc. When they plan to go to traditional schools, learners can take placement test (PEPT) in DepEd.

Below are some homeschool providers in the Philippines:

Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA)

  • Founded by author, entrepreneur and preacher Bo Sanchez
  • Follows the DepEd school calendar (June-March)
  • Fees range from P23,000 to 25,000, plus books depending on grade level

Homeschool Global

  • Accepts enrollments in March, June, September and December.
  • They have different program to choose from (Touch, Tech, TLC among others)
  • Fees range from P35,000 – P50,000, plus books depending on grade level

Homeschool Pilipinas

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy

  • Follows the DepEd school calendar
  • Open curriculum (you get to choose the curriculum you want to use)
  • Fees range from P10, 000 to P20,000, plus books depending on grade level

Gopala Simple Moments in Learning Experience (Gopala Play Center)

  • Open to all types of homeschoolers, whether you wish to be independent or with a Deped-accredited curriculum
  • Open enrollment all year round
  • Fees range from P6, 000 to P25,000 per child, depending on level and homeschool setup.

International British Academy

  • Allows enrollment all year round
  • Open curriculum, but has recommendation
  • Fees range from P25,000 to P40,000, plus materials depending on level

CAL (California Academy) International

Kairos Homeschool Academy

Proverbs Ville Christian School

  • Advise learner to use the recommended textbooks and curriculum but still accept open curriculum
  • Fees ranges from P20, 000 to P35,000, depending on the grade level

The Learning Place International

  • Online platform and paper-based, they allow customized curriculum
  • Follows the school calendar (June- March)
  • Fees ranges from P15,000 to P25,000

Sts. Paul & Mark School Inc.

Chosen Homeschool

  • Uses DepEd, Eclectic or Open Curriculum
  • Follows school Year: June – March
  • Fees ranges from P10,000 to P15,000

Child’s Home Educational Center

School of Tomorrow

  • They are using PACE (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education)
  • Year-round enrollment
  • Fees ranges from P20,000 to P30,000

Victorious Homeschool

B.U.I.L.D. Up Christian School

Living Learning Homeschool

Harvest Christian School International

Whatever we choose, at the end of the day, “us” parents are the best teachers for our kids.

In teaching them, it includes God’s Word, disciplining them out of love, not provoking them, praying with them, and being a good example. From a quote – “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

Ephesians 6:4

Parents, do not anger your children, but rear them in the discipline and in the teaching of our Lord.

Why we choose Homeschooling?

These past few days, I have been receiving many messages from my “FB” friends asking about homeschooling. It’s almost end of May and in the ‘traditional’ setting, this is the time of enrollment for the upcoming school year. Parents, guardians are concern with their student’s safety thus opting to homeschool.


I have been thinking about it since 2013, but we have opted not to push thru. That time, my husband and I had full time office work, sometimes on night shift; I thought homeschooling is not possible

After a lot of reading (internet, books) and with the help of some friends, finally we have started our first homeschooling last year, 2019. Thank God, kuya agreed to try it, with a condition, which is to homeschool only for a year (but now, he does not want to go back to traditional school haha)

There are many reasons why families choose to homeschool, some are:

  • Negative environment in school (e.g. child is bullied)
  • Improve Social Interactions (oh yes, this is true!)
  • Child has special educational needs
  • Family moves a lot – (travel, work, business, etc)

As for us, our primary WHY is to build our son’s character, Godly character: parents are the best teachers for that – values are not taught, they are caught

Because of the COVID-19, parents are more interested in homeschooling now than before…

“Father God, thank You that we have an option to homeschool our children. I pray for a clear understanding and a peace that only You can provide for all the parents, guardians who are struggling on how to continue their kid’s education at this time of pandemic. Please remind us that our thoughts are not Your thoughts and our ways are not Your ways (Isaiah 55:8-9). To You be all the glory, this is what we pray in Jesus’name…”

Wisdom From Above

It’s our second quarter in homeschooling and our second Portfolio Review is coming near… I’m here again with my dilemma, do my kids really learn something? Do they know well enough? Did we study all the things that should be covered? And so many what ifs, so on and so forth…

As I read my daily devotional today, I was reminded on what really matters, being intelligent or being wise?

From Homeschool Mom’s Bible

After reading this, I felt peace, I paused and take a deep breath… thank You Lord 🤗


Lord, forgive me when I think I’m so smart. Your wisdom is what I need, not an earthly intelligence. Humble my heart today and teach me what I need to know. In Jesus’ name….